Marketing & POS

French Retro X Cameleon Paris cap

100% French collaboration with the brand Cameleon Paris to produce a limited serie of caps for your greatest pleasure.

Wooden Box

Our wooden boxes are made to dress up your shop window in the most beautiful way!
This box can contain both optical glasses and sunglasses, and allows a high quality presentation. You are free to customize your box according to your desires.

Glasses case

The French Retro eyewear case combines quality and solidity since it is reinforced by a rigid shell that protects your glasses to the maximum. Thin and light, it is the essential accessory combining simplicity and sophistication that will accompany you on a daily basis, used as a case or pouch. Going together with the felt bag, it will give you an inimitable style...

Felt bag

French style!
Decorate your shop window or strut around town with this timeless bag. Light and resistant, it will adapt to any kind of use.

White presentation block

Offer magic to your customers thanks to our magic block putting your flagship French Retro models in suspension!

White presentation block

He will know how to enhance our frames thanks to a sober and elegant design with simplicity.

Plexiglass brand reminder

Combining design and image, it will be possible to install it on a counter or in a shop window. The Plexiglas brand reminder offers a wide variety of finishes with the use of a transparent material that allows light to pass through, but also opaque materials.
Both easy to position and multi-purpose, this type of POS support should not fail to make its effect ...

Display stand

Discover our classic counter easel printed on white cardboard.

Display stand

Stable and resistant, it will find its place in a shop window or inside and will be able to highlight our glasses in the most beautiful way.

Display stand

Updated every two months, our easels will fit perfectly in your shop for always more originality and customization.

Display stand

Also in vertical format, discover more and more visuals available and downloadable on our image bank.

Communication visuals

French Retro regularly organizes shootings and partnerships with models in order to offer you HD visuals to dress up your stores, websites and social networks. You can find all these elements by clicking on the button below:

Download the communication visuals

Shop window dressing

You are located on a busy street and would like to highlight our brand? Our designers are at your disposal to help you in this project and design a window that will impress your customers.


You don't have all our models in stock and would like to offer them to your customers? We put at your disposal, in addition to our website, a complete catalogue of our models.